A downloadable dating sim for Windows and macOS

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Gay Monster Kiss Club

"The kind of game I wish I would’ve had a few years ago... the kind of game the LGBTQ+ community needs and deserves." - RE:BIND

YOU are:

  • president of your college GSA
  • a dragon
  • proud owner of vintage 2005 Zac Efron stationery and matching glitter gel pens
  • kind of a dick sometimes

THEY are:

  • six (6) monsters
  • your loyal(ish) constituents
  • totally crushable <3

Flirt with a werewolf catgirl! Antagonize your emo best friend! Become a cool anti-capitalist punk! Drink root beer! Play DnD! Have steamy makeouts! All this and more can be yours for the low low price of FREE in the Gay Monster Kiss Club demo.

Gay Monster Kiss Club is for persons 18 or older only. If you are a minor, move along please!


Soundtrack Download

Get the original soundtrack here!



Writing/Narrative Design, Art, Programming, and Concept 

Gendervamp/Ryan Rose Aceae [ twitter | patreonitch.io ]

Additional Writing and Narrative Design

Milo Smiley [ twitter | website ]

Original Soundtrack

Collaboration Between

M Gewehr [ twitter | bandcamp ]

Josie Brechner [ twitter | website | bandcamp | itch.io ]

Tambalaya [ twitter | bandcamp | itch.io ]


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GayMonsterKissClub-1.0-mac.zip 534 MB
GayMonsterKissClub-1.0-pc.zip 552 MB

Development log


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I want android

Oh wow this is great! The writing has so much personality and the music was lovely.


This was SO good, incredible job to everyone involved!!! I loved every single character, honest to god. 100/10 would die for this game (Can't wait to see the full version!!)


aw jeez thanks so much!!



thank you!


im hfhsg i 


thank u and also thank u michael petsnack

haha you're welcome! can i ask who michael petsnack is?


a friend! they gifted me this and donated and i love them


I enjoyed this demo thoroughly on my first playthrough. I can't wait to see what's in store for the full game!

thank you!


I love it. The art style,the story and the music. Its all amazing and i haven't ever seen any thing like this before

will the full game be free? like the competed version.

will you add a updated demo? if so when?

thanks so much! the game is still pretty early in development, so it's hard to say when it will be done. i probably won't put out an updated demo because that would take time that would be better spent finishing the game!


i really like this game, it was cool to run through even if it's just a demo right now. It made me really happy when i saw it :]

thank you so much!


is there any way to date adrian, like, am i just being stupid? i haven't found any option to hang out with him, hah

this is one of my favourite VNs that i've played, by the way! short and sweet and everything i've asked for, legitimately. not just monsters, but GAY monsters and they actually LOOK like monsters!! that means a LOT to me.


the demo doesn't give you an opportunity to hang out with adrian, but the full game will! thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed!


that was amazing! i really like harley and parker and the music is so cool josie did a great job as always


thank you! josie is amazing, as are m and tammy (the other musicians)!

omg im going to check them out!


I usually run away as soon as a game puts me in GSA, but the art drew me in, and boy am I glad I stayed. I love this game so much! It just kept getting better the deeper I got. Parker is bae, just gotta say. I can't wait to see what comes of this. Thank you for this treasure!

thank you for giving us a chance! i'm glad you enjoyed :)


Just a few weeks ago, we were talking on a Discord server about wanting (more) LGBT Monster dating sims and this is exactly what I was hoping for! And just in time for Halloween, too!

Luna's design is what drew me in, to be honest, probably by far the most "kawaii" character of the bunch. Still, after having played the demo, I like that the other characters aren't just cute eye candy conforming to common beauty standards like in many VNs, but actually look like monsters with their own, unique design. I think it also brings out their personalities a lot better.

Speaking of which: I think they're all interestingly written; even the characters whose routes I probably won't take (due to personal preferences and not that much free time) add some entertaining dynamics to the group.

And while there are many LGBT VNs out there now, I don't think I've ever played one that combined such diverse identities in such a short space without feeling like it's too compressed or only about that (though I like how open they were nevertheless and it actually makes me want to explore and express my own identity more confidently). The characters' background stories were very entertaining and their little quips hilarious! I also enjoyed the short DnD session. And the ending of the Luna route wasn't overly dramatic, but still left me wanting to find out what happens next.

Oh, and the soundtrack was neat as well! Chill and rather subtle, but still interesting to listen to without the visuals.

Overall one of the most entertaining VNs I've played in a long time...maybe even on the way to becoming my all-time favorite! Really, great job there! Very excited for the release of the full version (but take your time).

Also featured one of the most relatable screenshots I ever took:

(I feel like I need that "meow, bitch" shirt now...maybe an idea for merch?)


gosh thank you so much!!! what a sweet review <3


I was really surprised by EVERYTHING

Really great work.

Also amazing song  "Modern Guillotine" just rocks.


thanks so much!!

and i know, right? josie (the musician) is amazing! you can find the song at https://gaymonsterkissclub.bandcamp.com/releases!




thank you!!


this is SO CUTE i absolutely adore the character designs

thank you so much!!

As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!


thanks for playing!