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Trys grew up learning magic from their grandmother, and now struggles to reconcile their nonbinary gender with their spiritual upbringing.

(10 pages, plus cover and bonus sigil.)

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Authorryan rose aceae
TagsBlack and White, Coming Of Age, Cute, Fantasy, Hand-drawn, LGBT, Magic, Short, Transgender


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This was so beautiful and moving, I nearly cried. Having struggled all my life to see where I fit in a world defined by binaries, the sun and moon dichotomy was another line that left me on the outside.
It's wonderful to be reminded that there is still more magic to find in the sky; it really wouldn't be complete without stars.
Thank you so much for sharing this!


oh wow thank you for these kind words, i'm glad it meant something to you <3


Thank you so much for this, I know someone who will benefit a lot from it it’s a great gift ^^


Hiya! My name is Star, and I'm nonbinary! I saw the name of this comic and almost lost my mind! I just finished playing GENDERWRECKED and you've made me feel so happy! The ending made me smile so much and eeeeee. I wish it was easier to live in a world, where we could all transcend the boundaries of pronouns and perceptions. So what if I feel like a burning light in the sky? That describes me well and makes me feel content with how my life's going. Again, I just wanted to say thank you so so so so much for creating so masterpieces, that describe gender in such a philiosophical light, which it deserves. I wait patiently for any/everything else you'll do! Thank you for making me smile!

star !!!

oh gosh, thank you so much for this sweet comment!!! i'm so glad i could make you happy with my work <333


Hi hi hi! Gaaahhhh I loved this comic! Sorry I couldn't pay much more than the minimum, I was lucky to barely have enough left on my paypal! I'm a transmasculine demiboy witch (also they/them) and sometimes I feel left out of the craft as well, but this comic made me so happy!! <3 This comic made me so happy and I might print a physical copy so I can read it whenever I feel down; your art is beautiful and I'd love to support you in any way I can! C: I hope you have a wonderful day!!!! 

<3 Rain 

oh my gosh thank you so much!!! this comment made my day, i'm so happy that i could cheer you up like that! and no worries about not being able to pay more than the minimum, i'm just glad you were able to read it!

if you'd like to print it out, i can email you a copy of the for-print PDF so you can assemble it zine-style (how i do when i sell physical copies.) just send me an email at gendervamp@gmail.com and i'll send it over!

and if you want to check out any of my other work but can't afford it, you can email me! i'm happy to send work to folks who can't afford it, especially if they're also trans :D you might like GENDERWRECKED-- visual novel that's coming out on my itch in a couple weeks.

thanks again for the sweet comment!

xo ryan rose

Aaaaaaa I'm super duper happy that I made your day!! ^o^
And oooooo okay, that'd be cool! I'll make sure to email you about the printed copy, and in the future of other works C: I looked at GENDERWRECKED, it looks amazing! :3 Thank YOU for your sweet comment, it made my morning ^w^ Your artwork is amazing! 

<3 Rain